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About Us

An efficient and high yielding reaction is the mark of a great chemist. At Supra Sciences, we provide you with the highest quality reagents, scavengers and peptide synthesis products to help you reach all of your research goals when it comes to reaction quality. While some of our products are uniquely positioned to be optimal as reagents, others function as ideal scavengers. A handful can operate as both depending on your synthetic needs. Whatever your needs, we have you covered.

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Basudeb Basu did his Ph.D. work from Indian Association for the Cultivation...Read More

Dr. Morales has over 19 years of research experience in big pharma...Read More

Dr. Wei Zhang is a Professor of Chemistry at the University of Massachusetts...Read More

Discovery Chemistry

Supra Sciences provides high quality FTE-based discovery chemistry synthesis services...

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Custom Synthesis

We offer project-based custom synthesis services on fee-for-services (FFS) basis in mg...

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Specialty Chemicals

We provide manufacturing services (100 gm to 10 Kg scales) for specialty chemicals...

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Process Application

Supra Sciences works closely with Process groups in providing supported reagents...

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Amino Acids

We provide a wide range of differentially protected natural amino acid building blocks.

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Solid-Phase synthesis of peptides has been an exceptionally popular method within the...

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