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Process Application

Supra Sciences works closely with Process groups in providing supported reagents and ion-exchange resins in bulk quantities. In addition to our current product offerings, we are capable of providing customized solutions on an individual basis and deliver these specialty products on multi-kilogram scale. Production times vary, but we strive to ensure the most timely delivery of materials to meet your critical timelines. Our team of experts will engage you to evaluate your situation and provide relevant feedback to ensure that all of your needs are met. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Examples of custom products supplied in bulk quantities:

  • Supported Hydroxide, Triethylamine and Carbonate Resins in different formats: Strong anion exchange base for removal of ammonium chloride, carboxylic acid impurities, making free base from amine/purine hydrochloride/TFA salts.
  • Supported Sulfonic Acid Resin: Reduction of sodium and potassium ions.
  • Supported Sulfonic Acid (purified): Strong cation exchange resin, for removal of basic impurities and purification of amines.
  • Supported Carboxylic Acid Resin: Weak cation exchange resin, used for affinity-based chromatography/purification.

* We are capable of producing all our products on a process scale