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Discovery Chemistry

Supra Sciences provides high quality FTE-based discovery chemistry synthesis services with a quick turnaround. We have strong teams of PhD and MS synthetic organic chemists with broad expertise in organic synthesis including microwave-assisted organic synthesis, parallel synthesis, and chemistry using solid-supported reagents and scavengers.

A few noteworthy chemistry types that we have strong expertise are:

1. Aryl-aryl cross-coupling reactions including Suzuki, Stille, Heck, Sonogashira & Kumada reactions
2. Various oxidation and reduction chemistries
3. Reductive amination reactions using various hydride-based reagents
4. Hydrogenation reactions including ionic hydrogenation
5. Differentially protected linkers and their applications
6. Various alkylation and condensation reactions
7. Aliphatic & aromatic substitution reactions including fluorination reactions
8. Synthesis of deuterium analogs of drug candidates
9. Synthesis & modification of various heterocyclic motifs

Our expert team of chemists with years of extensive experience in CRO environment will work closely with you, and provide relevant feedback to ensure that all of your needs are met. We are flexible to reallocate resources for your changing needs. Please contact us to discuss your needs.