Solid-Supported Scavengers

We offer both polystyrene- and silica-supported scavengers. Removal of excess reagents and reaction byproducts with solid-supported scavengers simplifies product isolation immensely. The use of these products can eliminate exposure to problematic aqueous work-ups and significantly improve the efficiency of your important synthetic step.

Aldehyde (ALD)

Solid supported equivalent of benzaldehyde particularly effective in scavenging primary amines.

Aldehyde Structure

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is a lightly cross-linked gel-type polystyrene resin with a diphenylphosphine end-group

Benzyldiphenylphosphine Structure

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Carbonate (CO3)

Versatile basic reagent useful for scavenging excess acidic reagents and byproducts generated during reactions. Very effective in freebasing amine salts produced during HPLC purification.

Carbonate Structure

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Carboxylic Acid (CO2H)

Solid supported carboxylic acid utilized in solid phase synthesis for coupling amino acids at amino terminus.

Carboxylic Acid Structure

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Diethanolamine (DEAM)

Effective scavenger of many organometallic materials. Particularly effective in sequestration of boronic acids.

Diethanolamine Structure

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Diisopropylamine (DIEA)

Solid supported tertiary amine useful in all acid scavenging protocols.

Diisopropylethylamine Structure

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Hydroxide (SAX)

Strongly basic resin capable of hydrolyzing esters and oxazolidinones.

Hydroxide Structure

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Isocyanate (NCO)

Highly effective scavenger of both primary and secondary amines.

Isocyanate Structure

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Morpholine (NMM)

Solid supported tertiary amine useful in all acid scavenging protocols.

Morpholine Structure

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Piperazine (PPZ)

Versatile reagent for performing many organic reactions including Knovoenagel, Vilsmeyer and Mannich.

Piperazine Structure

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Sulfonic Acid (SO3H)

Strongly acidic supported reagent capable of scavenging most amines from reaction media as well as some analines.

Sulfonic Acid Structure

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Sulfonyl Chloride (SO2Cl)

Solid supported equivalent of Tosyl Chloride capable of amine protection, alcohol activation and scavenging of primary and secondary amines.

Sulfonyl Chloride Structure

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Sulfonyl Hydrazide (SO2NHNH2)

Solid supported hydrazine equivalent used primarily for scavenging carbonyl moeities from reaction media.

Sulfonyl Hydrazide Structure

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Thiol (SH)

Versatile scavenger of organometallic species.

Thiol Structure

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Thiourea (ThU)

Versatile scavenger of organometallic species.

Thiourea Structure

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Triethylamine (TEA)Solid supported tertiary amine useful in all acid scavenging protocols.

Triethylamine Structure

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Trimercaptotriazine (TMT)Highly effective scavenger of organometallic species.

TMT Structure

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Trisamine (TRIS)

Versaltile poly-amino resin capable of sequestering organometallic species as well as excess acyl and sulfonyl halides.

Trisamine Structure

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